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"How Cool Is That?!" (Hands-On Science)*
Don't think outside the box -
 let's totally AVOID the box!
What is "How Cool Is That?!" ?
Whether you are looking for a unique after-school, enrichment, summer program, or special event  - we offer inquiry-based, age-appropriate, messy yet educational science activities for children
 taught by an insured, certified Connecticut teacher.  

What does "messy" mean?
Kids will not be glued to their chairs doing worksheets. These are hands-on classes and children will be active participants in their learning, not passive observers.

Where do you offer these activities?
"How Cool Is That?!" (Hands-On-Science) comes to your Connecticut venue for: After-School/Enrichment Programs, Summer/Camp Programs, Recreation Centers, Libraries, Scout troops, Fairs, Birthday Parties.

 With the new importance placed on standardized testing, there just isn't enough time in a school day for hands-on activities.

*an affiliate of EMU, LLC