How Cool Is That?! (Hands-On Science)*
Don't think outside the box - let's totally AVOID the box!
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Looking for a unique children's hands-on science program? 

How Cool Is That?! (Hands-On Science) offers inquiry-based, hands-on/minds-on science activities taught by an insured, certified Connecticut teacher

Our most popular classes include:
Dissecting Owl Pellets (& Guest Author Workshop), Gotta Brain? Getta Helmet!, Grossology, Shampoo Analysis LabMealworm Madness, and Armor-Clad Egg Drop

Because we bring the program to your site, there is no busing expense, and no hassle. 

*an affiliate of EMU, LLC

Velya Jancz-Urban, author of Whooo Eats What? and One Lucky Mealworm!, taught English and History at Ridgefield High School, and was the elementary Gifted/Enrichment teacher for CT Regional School District #12. She currently lives in Connecticut with her family. Velya created How Cool Is That?! (Hands-On Science) because of her belief that hands-on learning is for everyone: “When I look back on the classes I remember most, without fail they involved active participation.”
With the new importance placed on standardized testing, there just isn't enough time in a school day for hands-on activities.

Students will not be glued to their chairs doing worksheets. These are hands-on classes and children will be active participants in their learning, not passive observers.

Active investigations nurture curiosity and develop positive attitudes toward science which will last a lifetime. Our programs complement K–5 curriculum and reinforce education standards. 

Classes/Guest Author Workshops have been offered at venues such as:
Rumsey Hall School, Chase Collegiate, Bridgewater P&R, Woodbury P&R, Washington P&R, Pomperaug Elementary School , Farmingvillle Elementary School, Mitchell Elementary School, the Bridgewater Fair, New Morning Natural and Organic, area libraries and Girl Scout troops, Sunny Valley Open Farm Day, and Middlebury Apple Harvest Festival.