How Cool Is That?! (Hands-On Science)
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While Margaret the Barn Owl is preening her
feathers, she notices a kooky hands-on science
teacher collecting owl pellets in the woods.
Margaret later observes a captivating Dissecting
Owl Pellets class. Some of the students are
enthusiastic, while others think the owl pellets
are disgusting and look like a cat’s hairballs! Will
their curiosity take over and lead them to discover
whooo eats what?
Nurturing curiosity and developing positive attitudes toward science which will last a lifetime
Whooo Eats What? 
Book #1 in the 
How Cool Is That?! (Hands-On Science) series 
published by Mascot Books
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"Your owl pellet dissection program was a great hit! All the children were so engaged and fascinated by those owl pellets. They did not disappoint! I could not believe how many bones, etc… were in each one. Nature is sure amazing. You did such a good job, as always, from your prompt arrival to simple set up and tools, and talking just the right amount so they knew what to do but were not overwhelmed with information. Thank you for your patience with the younger children of the group. I don’t think they will soon forget their discoveries and revelations from that wad of fur and bones. I look forward to our next hands-on science program. What to pick next...?"
   - Gail, Gunn Memorial Junior Library