How Cool Is That?! (Hands-On Science)
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How Cool Is That?! (Hands-On Science) has created a vast assortment of unique programs.

Our interactive, one-hour programs are themed around particular areas of science and include such topics as:

  • Bungee Jump Barbie
  • Gotta Brain? Getta Helmet
  • Armor Clad Egg Drop – can an egg withstand a drop of 50 feet?
  • Mealworm Madness – microscopes, mealworms, experiments, and a race track!
  • Chicken Mummies and Mummification
  • Secret Formulas – make your own toothpaste or cola
  • Diaper Derby! – it’s all about the sodium polyacrylate…
  • Bridge Building – marshmallows, toothpicks, and the ‘antique iron of death’
  • Shampoo Analysis – does price really make a difference?
  • GAK – chemical vs. physical changes

Our Programs…

• Are taught by a CT certified fully-insured teacher
• Are hands-on! Children will be active participants in their learning, not passive observers.
• Are aligned to STEM objectives
• Follow professional lesson plans 
• Use unique equipment and original materials 
• Are ideal for children in Gr. K-5
• Are easy to arrange and hassle-free to run 

All materials are supplied

Requirements: electricity, water access, access to outdoors is helpful but not necessary, a large table
Schedule a hands-on program for your school, library, community center, camp, or nature center!